Feature Films

We have recently made the leap from short to feature film, read further below for more information. We are looking forward to bringing you many more exciting feature length productions in the future.


In October 1997 a group of filmmakers ventured into the woods of Maryland to produce a low budget independent horror film. This “found-footage” documentary uses archive footage from the late 1990s to tell the story of the making of groundbreaking horror sensation ‘THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT’. From never-before-seen recordings of pre-production meetings, audition tapes and test footage to the actual filming, editing and preview screenings all the way up to it’s triumphant appearance at the Sundance Film Festival, the key personnel guide you through their journey of creating a shock sensation classic.

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In the mid 1980’s a legend was born. A true story… A local mystery… A tale to chill you to your very soul! This is the first narrative feature film from Aurora Pictures and a true love letter to all of the classic 1980s slasher movies we grew up watching. Jason Hill (Edward Fisher) is an author, plagued by dreams of a killer that have haunted him since childhood. Research for his new book has led him to the conclusion that the Mad Axeman is more than just a legend and soon finds himself in a race against time to uncover the truth behind a new series of murders.

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